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Between Your Lips
All The Same
Cedar Road
500 Mile Journey
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Straight From The Surface

About Suncooked

Since coming to fruition from within the walls of Lyndon State College's campus in 2011, the three members of Suncooked have demonstrated their passion for genuine songwriting and bringing you an authentic show. Through varying song writing styles, personalities and presence, Colin Murphy, Ry McDonald and Jake Gregg each bring forth unique talent that constantly propels the band in a skyward direction. Alongside them, a steadily growing fellowship of supportive and devoted fans allows Suncooked to move forward with great bounds both in the studio and with their undeniably rousing live performances. Sing-along hooks and riveting ballads prove that their down-to-earth blend of rock influenced americana and folk will seize a room of any size; from rowdy bars and barns to the House of Blues in Boston at full capacity. By way of soothing acoustic guitar, tasteful banjo licks, grooving bass lines, the slaps of a hi-hat and one thumping kick drum, Suncooked will find a way to make you move.

Lyndonville, VT


Brooke Parciak
Lyndon State