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Don't Walk Away
The Sanford Blackout

About The Sanford Blackout

The Sanford Blackout started in 2010 in the woods of Lyndonville, Vermont. The trio was brought together by their mutual desire to spread good vibes through music and later were further diversified by a singer and keyboardist. The jams spouted forth by the Sanford Blackout are rooted in reggae and laced with fat funk break downs. If you are lucky enough to catch a live show, then you will witness this beast in its natural habitat - the surging energy of the crowd is matched by the band's climactic jams. Their fluid sound is built on swelling build-ups, and weaves through genres to attain a truly unique feel. The Sanford Blackout is a fine smoked cheese that needs no bread to accompany it, so take a bite and taste the jams.



John Lahens
Lyndon State