The Basics

What is Mellodi?

Mellodi is the home of all music made by artists in college.

Who can put their music on Mellodi?

Current students and recent grads with an .edu email address from any college or university in the U.S. can add their music now.

Who can listen on Mellodi?

Anyone! And it’s free. All you have to do is hit play...

Why should artists add their music to Mellodi?

For college artists, we are (in our entirely biased opinion) the best and most likely way for people to discover you and hear your music. By fans and by "music industry" folks, if that's who you're looking for. Mellodi is the only site where your music can be found without people already knowing you exist. Many more people have heard of your school than your band. And because Mellodi allow for easy school browsing, that's a whole lot of new listeners that never would have known you exist. Doing well at your school can open all types of doors for you. Oh, and it’s totally free.

Is there a page with all the music made by artists from my school?

Yes! Click here. (Also accessible by searching for your school in the sidebar.) If your school isn't active yet, just add an original song of yours and it will be activated!

Is Mellodi free to use?

Yep. Anyone can stream for free, and any artist in college or eligible alumnus may add their music for free.

Artist Eligibility

I’m an artist in college. This site’s for me, right?

Yup; crafted and designed specially for you. You can add your tracks, albums, and shows for free, right now.

I’m an alumnus. Can I be an artist on Mellodi?

If you still have access to your .edu email address, you’re in luck. You can (and should) make an account and start publishing music right now. You'll be added to your school's artist directory and your music will appear on your own personal artist page, but you won't be eligible for your school's charts. For those of you whose school emails have been deactivated, or who went to college before email was a thing (hi Mom!), we’re working on getting you on board.

I’m in graduate school. Am I allowed to make an artist account?


If I can’t find my school on Mellodi, can I still create an account and add music?

Oh yes! Just sign up and add a track and your school will appear on Mellodi!

Can I use Mellodi if I’m an NCAA athlete?

You should probably check with your school’s athletic department. That said, since you aren’t profiting from your music on Mellodi, you should be fine in that regard.

I go to school outside of the U.S. Can I be an artist on Mellodi?

Not yet.

I’m in school but I’m not in college yet. Can I be an artist on Mellodi?

Sorry, not at the moment. Keep us in mind for when you graduate, though.

Not everyone in my band is in college. Can I be an artist on Mellodi?

Yes, as long as at least one member is or was once enrolled in college and has access to their .edu address.

I’m a professor/staff member at a university. Can I be an artist on Mellodi?

Please don’t. There are no specific plans at the moment, but we want to work out something cool without compromising the overall mission of Mellodi for students.

I run a record label/management company/art collective with college artists on it. Can I get a label account?

Sorry, we aren’t able to make special group accounts at this time. We recommend speaking to each of your clients and managing all of their accounts individually. By the way, we love connecting with and supporting independent labels and music businesses, so definitely reach out to us at team@mellodi.co.

Signing Up

I’m more of a fan than an artist. Can I sign up?

Technically, anyone in college can sign up, but it’s designed for students with music they’d like to share. That said, everyone has a bit of artistry within themselves, so if you’ve got anything at all, give it a shot!

Why do I need to validate my .edu email?

We need to make sure you actually go to the school you say you do. This is the easiest and most unobtrusive way of doing it. No Facebook stalking necessary.

I’m trying to sign up with a valid .edu address, but I'm getting an error message that reads "must belong to a recognized school." What gives?

Send us an email with your name, your school name, and your .edu address to team@mellodi.co. There are a lot of schools and a lot of .edu email addresses out there, and we’re still getting to all of them. We should be able to add yours shortly after we receive your email.

The members of my band go to multiple schools. What should I do?

Choose the school you feel is most appropriate. That might be the school where the majority of you go, or the frontman, or whatever you please.

Why do I need to provide my graduation year?

As time goes on, many people will stumble upon you and your music through your school and graduation year alone! By not providing this information, or by providing incorrect information, you’d be missing out on the primary benefits of being an artist on Mellodi. We’re going to have a lush alumni community here, and it’s in your best interest to be accurate. Also, if you lie it’s a violation of our Terms of Use so you may be banned, and so on and so forth. Basically, giving your real graduation year is good all around.

Adding Music

Will I still own my music? Will I still be allowed to put my music on other sites? Sell CDs, etc.?

Yes, of course. It’s your music and we don’t own any of it. Put it anywhere and everywhere you want. We’re just the best option for students and former students, if we may say so ourselves.

What kind of file types can I upload my music in?

You can upload your music as an AIFF or WAVE, up to a maximum size of 100 megabytes per track and 1GB per project.

Why only those types? Why wouldn’t you just allow MP3s?

So that we can stay flexible and do cool things in the future. AIFF and WAVE are hi-fi “lossless” formats. By having those highest quality versions of your recordings, we can always make mp3s from them for easy listening. And if the status quo for audio ever upgrades to something better than the mp3 (which is likely), we’ll be able to make the switch, without you having to do a thing.

Sounds good. But how do I get those “lossless” versions of my tracks?

Tracks created by you (in Logic, ProTools, Garageband, or any studio, etc.) are probably already in WAV or AIFF or can easily be saved in one of those formats by your audio editing software. If you only have your tracks on CD, just rip the tracks to WAV or AIFF using iTunes. Select “Preferences…” from the iTunes menu, click the “Import Settings…” button in the General tab, and next to “Import Using:” choose “AIFF Encoder” or “WAV Encoder.”

Can I upload covers, mash-ups, my favorite Beyonce song?

Our Terms of Use require you to own or otherwise control all rights to the content you upload. Click here for more info.

Why are you making me pick a genre?

Nobody likes to strap a label onto themselves, but this is for your own benefit. It's just another way for new fans to possibly find you. Instead of thinking about the genre you pick as needing to be: "I'm so obviously defined by pop, electronic, hip-hop” or whatever; think about it more like: "Hmm people who like X music are most likely to like me.” The “X” is the genre you should select.

How do I edit or delete music I’ve already added?

Go to your Dashboard in the navigation menu. You will see all your releases on Mellodi. Click the "Edit" button on the release you would like to edit or delete. To edit: make the changes you had in mind and click “Save.” To delete: you’ll see a “Delete” button towards the bottom of the page.

Will I get paid on Mellodi?

Not directly. We’re intensely focused on discovery and increasing the size of your fanbase; unfortunately, monetization slows that down at the moment.

Can I add a link for people to buy my music?

Yes, but only through iTunes. When you're uploading your music, you'll see a field to enter in a link to your iTunes album. Do that, and a "Download on iTunes" button will appear on your Mellodi album page.

Account Management

How do I find my artist page?

When you’re signed in, open the menu on the top right of your screen and click "My Page". It will bring you to your artist page.

How can I control what my “Most Popular” songs are?

This section is determined automatically by the amount of plays each track gets, so that the tracks people are listening to over and over again will rise to the top. The best thing to do is share and promote the tracks you want to be more popular.

I already have a Mellodi artist account, but now I’m transferring schools. What do I do?

Make sure you’re signed in, and go to the "Settings" tab on your Edit Profile page. Follow the instructions to change your email to your new .edu school address. Once you confirm that email, all of your content will now be associated with your new school.

How do I keep my account after I graduate, or when I no longer have access to my .edu email?

Your account and music will be preserved even after you graduate. If you run into any issues, shoot us an email at team@mellodi.co.


I have a cool idea for something Mellodi should do. Can I share it with you?

Yes, please! Contact us at team@mellodi.co and let it rip. Also, you might be a good candidate to join our team. Click here for more information about that.