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Discount Country, Half Price Rock n' Roll
Williams & Company
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Williams & Company
Williams & Company

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Country Music, in its current form, sounds nothing like the Country Music that started the truly southern, American genre. What people call country now is radically different to what country should be. Williams & Company’s mission is to show what country music can be and re-imagine the sounds from the old country greats. Lead by Alex Williams, Williams & Co. brings an honest sound back to country music with their new single “Discount Country, Half Price Rock n’ Roll”. “The song is about my interpretation of where I believe the country and rock and roll genres are heading”, says Williams. “It celebrates other musicians like us that try to keep ‘tradition’ alive in our genres in the midst of a changing, modernized music business.” The band recorded their debut, self-titled album, “Williams & Company,” in March of 2012 at Beech Creek Studios in Brentwood, TN and supported it with an independent tour throughout Indiana, Tennessee, Ohio, and North Carolina, in the Summer of 2012. You can

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