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The Vonneguts
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The Vonneguts

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You stumble into your friend's basement after midnight in a dimly lit concrete smoke-box. At first the music may seem rather over-bearing, but as you listen more intentionally, you find that the musicians are excavating sound, seamlessly stroking the canvass of your friday evening. The Vonneguts are the band that appears in a variety of settings: the local dive bar, the friendly house show, the last minute benefit, the streets, and now on the Internet. "The Vonneguts play the kinds of songs one can dance raucously to for hours at a house party and then play later as he falls into an old corduroy lazy boy and exhales his last cigarette of the night. This record reveals the most important aspect of Vonnegut-ism, which I feel their namesake himself exudes consistently: purposeful chaos. And that purposeful chaos is what makes The Vonnegut’s something else entirely." - Brigitta Burguess, www.detroitsoundslikethis.com



Joe Myers
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