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Setting Sail
Secret Burden
Show Me the Way
The Code
What You Wish For
Shine On You


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All Your Wishes
Port Vue

About Port Vue

Port Vue is a rock 'n roll band from the Pittsburgh and State College, PA area. Playing classic rock and their own modern twist, combining influences from classic, 90s, and modern rock n roll. Singers, and frontmen, Ben Sudie and Joe Penzelik began playing in bands together sophomore year of high school. The first member to join the group was Marc Shively, he was picked for his stellar bass playing and his punny sense of humour. Guitarist John Wiater, and his ability to arrange music like few others, joined the band when they were searching for a drummer. Scott Stonebraker became the band's drummer by a happy coincidence when he overheard a conversation on Xbox Live. The band's name is taken from Ben's hometown where many of the members went to grade school.

Pittsburgh, PA


Joe Penzelik
Penn State