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Not Gonna Come Home


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Not Gonna Come Home - Single
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The music of Ivan LaFever brings heat to modern pop music, with a twist of retro R&B and soul. Creating music with no boundaries, LaFever is setting out to make vintage modern again. Playing at open mic nights and a variety of venues across Tennessee to Texas and Florida, LaFever has made a name for himself as not only as top notch songwriter, but a solid performer as well. Influenced by the likes of Stevie Wonder, Bill Withers and John Mayer, his songs hit home on an assortment of topics including love, happiness, and life in general. As a senior in high school, LaFever was the overall first chair of the Tennessee All-State choir. More recently, he won the Match Records Songwriting Competition hosted at Middle Tennessee State University with his original song “Not Gonna Come Home.”

Cookeville, TN


Ian LaFever