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In The Yard
Slow Down
No Fear, Dragon Here
Still In Love
Rockman's Pier


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Sleeping (Extended Play)
Del Water Gap
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Del Water Gap EP
Del Water Gap

About Del Water Gap

DEL WATER GAP was born in the fall of 2011 as the creative manifestation of upstate New York’s S. HOLDEN JAFFE, a self-proclaimed “song and dance man.” AFTER SELF-PRODUCING THE DEL WATER GAP EP in a gentrified storage closet during the spring of 2012, Jaffe relocated to New York City’s East Village where, thanks to a week in Hurricane Sandy’s blacked out Lower Manhattan, he joined forces with bassist WILL EVANS and drummer CHARLIE SCHLINKERT to form the project’s live incarnation. Evans, a true corn-fed Kansas boy, has a background in bass guitar and vocal performance with a concentration in opera. Schlinkert, hailing from just north of New York City, studied jazz drums and vibraphone before throwing away the brushes to concentrate on the more even-tempered musings of an alt folk trio. The group currently lives and works out of Alphabet City, making a regular pilgrimage upstate to write and record in their man-cave studio.

New York City, New York


S. Holden Jaffe