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Lines On a Page
Soul Blooms
The Face of God

Artist's notes

From the day I began writing for this project to the day I finished recording it, I've had the privilege of experiencing a number of incredible things. I graduated high school, began my college career, worked in Philadelphia for a summer, met some really talented people, and made some new friends. Through the good and the bad moments, I've learned that life moves on really quickly. Things don't stay the same for long. As we get older, our perception of time shifts and things seem to change even faster. I use songwriting as a means of capturing those fleeting moments. I want to remember specific events in my life, but I want to remember the emotions and feelings tied to them as well. This EP recounts a chapter in my story. It tells of my spiritual struggles, lessons learned, and of my bewilderment at the unending love of Jesus. I've had a blast with this project, and I sincerely thank you for listening!


Musicians: Austin Stanley: Acoustic Guitar, Luke Sumner: Drums, Everett Kelley: Bass Guitar, Spencer Smith: Electric Guitar, Mike Windsor: Keys, Drew Bauml: Cello, Cassandra Hawkins: Volin, Ryan McClanahan: Auxiliary Percussion Vocalists: Austin Stanley, Lauren Dekleva, Brenden Koon Artwork by Everett Kelley. Recorded and mixed by Austin Stanley. Mastered by Steve Corrao at Sage Audio. All songs are © copyright 2016 Austin Stanley. All rights reserved. Published by Austin Stanley (ASCAP).