Lauren Mandel - EP album cover

Lauren Mandel - EP

Welcome to the House of Freaks
Don't Ever Back Down
Us vs. You

Artist's notes

LAUREN MANDEL EP (Available on iTunes and wherever digital music is sold) Lauren’s "Welcome to the House of Freaks" co-written with JP Rende, summarizes her experience in high school.“Adolescents are freaks - only a fractured image of what they might be in the future. We’re still experimenting with which parts of ourselves we want to show the world”. "Don’t Ever Back Down" is Lauren’s positive response to working under pressure whether it’s in the workplace or simply at school. It shows a determination to move forward and not dwell on past difficulties. Lauren’s third song, "Us vs. You" is a girls versus boys song. “When you make a mistake about falling for a boy who doesn’t live up to your expectations, it’s your girlfriends that can bring you back to reality. It’s important for girls to have a positive sense of their own self-worth”. This first EP of original material written by Lauren is self-released on the Likely to Smile Record label.


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